At some point in history, I sold clothes.


Sunday, January 26, 2k20

Like brand new clothes I made myself, but the designs, not quite the t-shirt (or whatever) itself.

So first I wrote many many words kind of explaining the situation; saying the things I used to think about the reason I´m just starting (not really but kind of) gatico, like why I´m on my 30s and not making any money so far, but I´m not in that state of mind right now. So I deleted a bunch text.

Maybe one day I will write the whole story but for now a super quick summary would do just ok, so I will be writing using the first person, but for most of the time what I mean is Erika and I, after university, I did some other stuff (like random jobs I guess), and then began the journey of gatico, (I will post the early designs of what I thought was the concept) but later on I think it was by the same time I did the clothes and the pets accesories.

It´s easier to see the past now and try to explain what happened (compared to when it wasn´t the past) but I think I didn´t know what I really wanted back then, I mean I had an idea of the things I enjoyed but the concept of what gatico is, which is a quite easy one to explain by the way, wasn´t really there. The money was always a priority so those times everything I did was searching for money, and the clothes were a pretty ambitious project (as the pets stuff as well) consuming all my time.

I don´t really know which one was first, the clothes or the pets acceosires, but for now, now that I have published this first, lets say the clothes came first.

The fact that I did not want gatico to become a clothing brand, yeah.. there was a battle inside me about that, didn´t mean I were mediocre on the products. I tried to came up with the best idea I had, I wanted to make something people couldn´t find somewhere else.

So the principle was simple, what among the things I knew how to do, could become a great idea to put on clothes, and trying not to do the most obvious one which is printing your desings/draings/illustrations on t-shirts and calling it a day (by the way I am doing that exact thing right now, go to the end of the page). I used felt (because you know, it´s cool) to form cute animals and all sorts of things (well, just a bear, some cats, slices of pizza and some cactus) as appliques for the clothes, I mean the idea wasn´t to reinvent the t-shirt, it was just how to not make the same everyone does, and I don´t mean to attack to much on that idea, because later I would revisited it, it also didn´t go to well, but I tried.

I´m very proud of what this ended up being, they were not so easy to clean, I mean they were not the most practical piece of clothes, but were pretty cool.

detail and ideas for the cats t-shirt

bear process



(they don´t do anything right now)

tees, t-shirts, clothes

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