shrinky dinks plastic earrings


Monday, May 25, 2k20

This is a project I made a month or two ago, I have been working with the shrinky dinks plastic for some years now and I think it is so awesome. This is the second time I make a series of things (now that I think about it, the previous project was not exactly a series, I made several products but the requested so) using the plastic, and I don't think I will be doing much of it for now, what I mean is, I like to make new things all the time, so yeah.. I do not like to repeat the same process over and over again, I am not saying I do not like them or I hate the project, I love them, I think they are the cutest products I have made.

Anyways.. I am not making much sense so..

The video is not a 'how to' tutorial, it is more a show off of the precess, but if you have any questions about the stuff I do in the video, just ask, on Youtube or whereever.

Go check the products at the shop

They are only available in Colombia, and with the quarantine thing idk.. but I sell through facebook, so..

Here they are, just so you don´t have to go to the shop:


(they don´t do anything right now.. or ever)


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