Wild love (re-upload, kind of)


Tuesday, January 28, 2k20

Original post date: Monday, October 21st, 2019

This is the artwork for a song I made 'am’, it is about unconditional love I guess

There's no too much to say about these songs, I recorded the video on a trip to the Quindio department/state? (idk), it was pretty sweet though. I always wanted to make a video from a moving vehicle, I know it is quite cliché but I am quite cliché anyways. I am an artists (no, but really, no, I am not).

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I only have bandcamp for now. The music is also free on the downloads page.


(these don´t do anything right now)

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This is the texture I used for the background. A pic I took during a trip. Grab it if you want to. It is in the original quality, not compress at all.

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