We made an Adventure Time Plush Keychains Collection.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

We are back.. This time we wanted to show you a collection of plush keychains we made for sale, we wanted to take advantage (I'm pretty sure this is not the way to say it) of the holiday season last year (we were still on the design shop we were), so we made various "items" (keychains, and some other stuff) to make money.

The idea was not sell them as a collection, you can see we used different "stripes" (I don't know how to say the thing at the top of the keychain), so they were kind of different in a way, though we liked to imagine someone would buy them as a group, we even had a discount for the entire collection (all 6 keychains). But at the end, we sold them together. A friend of us who is a fan of AD bought them and it was cool. Though we had them on the shop for some days and we didn't made any sell (of the AD keychains). That is sad.

Here is a pic of finn & jake

And here, finn and PB

Remember when I said earlier we made the keychains for a holiday season, well it was actually a premiere (I just read this word is for musical or theatrical works ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) for a "fair" we were at, so up next is the stand we had, we were hoping to sell all of our stuff, and even some chinese stuff we had bought previously (the pins and the socks you see in the picture). It was ok.

Here is a little bonus

A pic before we finish doing them (I really don't know how to say a lot of things). I was thinking maybe when we have time we will made the patterns and give them to you.

Another bonus

I believe we made BMO first, it was a gift for me (Piter). Then it was a gift for someone else (that same plushie), so I think I don't have mine, but the point is, this was not part of the collection, but it is BMO, so here it is.

This is another bonus

I don't remember when we made this, but I know this is after the keychains, we wanted to make some pins then, so yeah, we made a Marceline and a PB, we sold the Marceline I think, we (Erika) kept the Princess.

We originally posted these pictures on Instagram, on the old account (the more locally constructed one), so we just shared them on the one and only account we have now. We took these pics on the shop, we had them displayed in a very cool way, unfortunately we didn't sell any plushie though.

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