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korgMS Serum skin

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*1.1 update (20/07/21) moved two screws, added sort of a screen for the wavetables (a flat dark color), tweaked the global tab a little bit and changed some colors at the colormap

Update Jan 31 Ver1.01 Fixed the modulation dot on the knobs, now it is clearly visible.

I made a Korg ms inspired Serum skin (don't know if I succeeded), basically I took a bunch of resources from the Korg MS20 vst and modify them so I could use them here, others I just remade. And the colors.. I tried to use the same (as much as I could) color palette.

Known issues: the knobs aren't exactly align with the numbers behind them, although I updated them, they are a just a tiny little bit off. 

If you would like to support me more I have a patreon (

You will get the following files:
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  • ZIP (3MB)