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hello! (jun19_2022) I have updated this skin (again); added cool (tiny) graphics to the fx, changed the eq type graphics (which were still the default graphics), added some lines on OCS section, added dark grey background to the envelope controls and improved the SERUM title (I finished paying for it, so I don't have the 'Plan Active' in the way anymore). These (most) all were ideas from ChrodShore (from the Serum discord). Thank you so much<3

I want to continue working on the skin so maybe there is another update on the future.

Emergency Update No.2 (feb92021)** I fixed a lot of little details (some text, buttons, etc.. and colors on the colormap file (the color mod thing around the knobs now is different).

Emergency Update No.1** First of all thanks to for letting me know about this issues. I have fixed the VOICING text (I had it VOCING) and the chorus fx now when open says CHORUS like it should (it used to say Phaser lol). Changing the font for the lfo tabs is a bit more complicated, I have currently paused my subscription to Serum on Splice so in order to try and fix the font thing I need to test it, and.. I don't have access to Serum right now so.

Hello, I made a SUPER 8 (the NI Reaktor ensamble) inspired Serum skin. There are still a few details I need to work on but the skin is for the most part ok.

If you encounter any problems please tell me; on reddit, twitter or wherever.

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