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meow Serum skin (+ a very bad sample pack of cat sounds)

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Update 1.02(sep12.2021): Chaos1, 2 and unison on the global tab are now a clearer, they have a background now! Changed the pitch and mod wheels slightly. Also changed the mod, envelopes, lfos, velocity and note 'buttons', they are now a lot nicer<3

I still have to work on the 'value floating rectangle' thing (you can see nothing) and the fx section, I don't like it..

Update No.1(feb92021): I fixed the 'mod, env1, env2, etc..' buttons, mostly the lfo ones were kind of messed up. I also changed the font color (to white) is some places (I'm not ready just yet to change all the text to white). The modulation dot and 'wheel' on the knobs are now colored properly (used to be neon green). This is my favorite skin so I think there will be more updates in the future, I also like the 'cute' one a lot but I think I will wait for serum 2 to make a new one from the ground up.

this is my first ever 'paid' Serum skin. I personally think it is the best (cutest, nicest, kawaiiest) I will ever be capable of making, so..

As always, if there is anything you want to write to me, like feedback and what not, just do it; reddit twitter instagram

I think I have tested it on 2x only, so there is that. I will make at least one update (I have already a few things I may change).

if you want to support me even further, I have a and a ko-fi

About the sample pack; I recorded my cats using a 5gen iPod touch, you have to be creative, the quality is just the worst.

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (16MB)
  • ZIP (10MB)