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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

This is part of a bigger project we are not quite ready to disclose just yet. But still, we think this is very lovely and wanted to share it with you, our beloved readers.

We named this project Clouds, or Clouds's People or Yellow Clouds's People (or.. whatever), and uhh what we ended up doing was a few characters (twelve on the final composition but we made one or two more) that serve as population for this imaginary land of clouds.

This project is about an alien race living on some yellow clouds. The characters are a reflection of our hearts and maybe anyone's (in a not-that-super-profound-kind-of-way), so we felt it was just right to make a world for them. A world of clouds where the limits are not implied anywhere. The characters varied from chilled out guy to business man. The idea was not to make a statement of the way of living but just to make a cute drawing. I don't know how could I write so many words and not say anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here is a cloud.

The princess one, Elvis and the k-gurl characters.

Here are the robot one and a mouse one we didn't end up using.

These are pictures of the pages of the project. We worked on several poses for the characters and even more characters we didn't end up using. That also makes part of the process, choosing what to use and what to reject, it is not about how good or bad do you think things are, but what works better for the whole picture.

Below are faces for the alien race.

A bonus for u

We have made a wallpaper (like always, this is all we do basically) using this drawing (not the one below but the one at the beginning of the page). Go to the downloads page and grab it!