Dolls of Gatico gomelo: Founders edition.


Sunday, January 26, 2k20

Remember this?

This was the artwork for one of my favourite songs so far, heart you.

Here they are for the first time ever

These boys and girls were a gift, she always gives me the most beautiful and professional gifts while I just fuck up with some mundane pretty shitty sad presents. They were made maybe somewhere around September of 2018. They were a big deal, so I wanted to wait for the perfect time to share them with you. It is never the perfect time but it is the time, so what are you gonna do.

They are hand stitched entirely, they are too small to otherwise.

I will write some snippets of the process, the idea from now on is to have a record of the future projects either on video, photography or text. But this was from 2018, so I don't have much (I don't remember most things). I am currently working on a small project (a gift) and will have it on video, just so you know.

The hair is made out of a shoelace, it was like torn apart and ironed to give it like the opposite of curly. By the way, this is too complex of a vocabulary I will be needing here, so I know I sound like a total ignorant (not saying that i'm not). So the hair, then it was like pasted on the head like real hair, from the top (crown?) to the outer parts. Then we just gave them haircuts.

The sneakers were the most fun part, they are made of felt. I wear Vans and Erika Keds, they are painted (like with paint), the bigs ones (the real size sneakers) were also painted so there is that.

Fun fact: they both have nipples (as you can see on the princess Zelda tattoo pic). They have the same tattoos as the real life models (us😱). The space tattoo has a little bit of paint, the sky, the tip of the rocket, the fire and the circle part of the planet are also painted. The strokes of the rocket and the rings of Saturn are stitching. The princess Zelda is almost all stitching but the hair, and the butterflies, well.. they are stitching.

The skin of the bodies is some kind of canvas (the fabric canvas) and it is a hard one to work on. The thing is (I've been told by Erika) it frays (this was all Google translate). There was a doll (the first try didn't make it) that went out straight to the trash because it was first made like from inside out, but when it was time to turn it the other way, it just broke, the fabric went out of the stitching (if that makes any sense). So the way to work it was using invisible stitching, it is just takes more time but is doable. They have reinforcement stitching on the necks and they both have ears (fun fact).

It took like two weeks to finish. They were made from scratch and the patterns (the first thing that's done) were revisited several times, due to things that didn't worked very well. They are the first like tridimensional dolls/plushies (whatever) I make so it was quite hard.

Now the close ups

They came in a cute little coffin

There are some goodies inside; a pile of cash, car keys, a cute little plane and a spare tank top. And the decoration includes a heart inside another heart, a gatico gomelo logo, a picture of a car and some diamonds and other stones. And it's carpeted.


(they don´t do anything right now)

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