Gatico gomelo - heart you (KSHMR Song Starter Challenge)


Wednesday, September 19, 2018


No se quien soy
Mi corazón no es
Palabras se van
Me dejan mensa
No busqué soñarte
Si ya no estás
Mil excusas
No me excusan más

This song is now everywhere (Spotify, Apple Music, Google..).

This is the first contest I've ever participated as Gatico gomelo, I tried a few contests in the past, but this is the new life now. The challenge was to use a "song starter" sample (loop) and make a song out of it.

The sample used was "80s Love Scene" you can check it out (I think it won't be easy, I guess you have to make an account and I don't know what else). But I can describe it to you: it is very 80s.

I guess most of Gatico gomelo's songs have some 80s in them, so it was not strange, I mean there was a ton of "song starter" to choose from, so there is a reason I ended up choosing the one I used. I guess it is the same formula Gatico's music has having used for the recent songs, some soft melodies on top of big filtered chord synths (like porter's The seconds Live), some future bass (not the so-obvious-one but still), vocaloid singing, some happy hardcore (I wish) and stuff like that.

I didn't know I could explain Gatico gomelo's music but apparently I just did.

About the image, these are pretty cool plushies (toys, dolls, idk how to call them) I made, but I want to make a big post about it. Stay tuned. And did you see? the 80s, 90s (the VHS looks) is in there too.


(they don´t do anything right now)

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