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Thursday, November 1, 2018

This story goes like this:

First was the song; I (Piter) wanted to play a cover of "Princesa" (Princess) by 6 Voltios for Erika, it was her birthday. And I did, it was a terrible video (don't watch it, there is a better version). 6 Voltios represents an important part of my (Piter) background, I have to confess, I started listening to rock (neo-punkrock? kind of) music. Even though it may not seem so obvios now (I mean, to you the music here may just be a mediocre copy of some electronic [of the porter robinson's] music) I started playing rock music, I played the drums in a band called minisuper, we were just terrible. Anyways I digress, after that, we wanted to make it right, so we recorded the song again, and for the thumbnail we wanted a drawing of a princess, ..because it is the name of the song. Right?

So then we (I) preceded to draw some sketches of princesses. You can see the sketches are just awful. I don't know how to draw (of course I know but just not any good). Then we (Erika) just transform them into pretty (and good) drawings and that is pretty much it.

Below are the eight princesses with its respective sketches. You can contemplate how hideous they are.

Pigtails Princess

Very Normal Princess

Potato Princess

Emo Princess

Like Zelda's Princess

Normal Princess

Not Too Much Sunlight Princess

Cat Princess

This song is about falling in love. We (I) are not that good at writing lyrics (Our lyrics are just non-sense sad [Cheesy] stuff) so that's why we chose to play a cover instead of making a song of our own.

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