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Thursday, October 18, 2018

This is a Gatico gomelo's classic.

This is a concept for a Robotic Pet. There is this famous dog (the one from Sony or Honda or something like that, idk), so this is like that but better (of course not) and cuter, IMO at least. We had this another idea (the other drawing), but it was more like Robocop for cats, a cat's head and a body of metal (a robot). It was cool and all, but it could have seemed a bit hardcore, because you know, one would have to separate the head from the kitten's body. 😱😱

This is kind of a perfect example of our way of working back then (still now I guess). We made the sketches (pencil), then we coloured them (not the exact same sketches but new ones) and then get to work on Illustrator. You can see, very early in the process we had clear the colours we would use, that sometimes changes but it is nice to start on Illustrator with as many information as we can.

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