I am definitely getting back (together)

We actually never were [there?] (the place where we feel like things are as they are supposed to), so this is not proper I know, it should be something more like we are definitely trying to be.


Tuesday, January 28, 2k20

Original post date: Thursday, December 12, 2019

I'm starting to write this post on a Thursday, it is October 3rd 5:08 PM. Edit: I thought it would take me more time than I expected, that's the reason I was being so dramatic. Edit No.2: It took me longer than expected ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think I just needed to be in the perfect (it is not) state of mind to release this statement, because there is no going back (of course there is always going back but it is not what I want). I'm not saying there won't be ups and downs anymore, I'm saying the feeling is right. And I need to release this now, it's not going to get any better. We want to get back, I know nobody is probably going to read this, except maybe Esteban, Marcela or Dayana... (I assume). Maybe I'm wrong and we think too good of ourselves (this is not english at all), so probably just Erika (but she already has read it so what are you gonna do) So the situation is something kind of like this.

To start, I guess we haven't made it easy for ourselves (I'm not saying life should not be easy or hard, it should just be), I mean, I'm talking about how to get gatico going, we mostly have blamed the fact that we did not started young (young like in the teens). Because when you are in the teens you can dedicate time to stuff you love and enjoy doing, not worrying about if it gives you any money at all, you just do it and then when you are in your 20s then it is supposed to have evolved and have become something different, different like something that kind of belongs to the adult world. It is hard to explain but I guess it's ok, I don't read much so I'm an ignorant. On the other hand, trying to start for real, something like this when you are in your late 20s (30s now) is hard, because then you are supposed to be an adult and be doing adult stuff.

This is not us crying out loud (it probably is) dying for attention, in the first place no one listen to us, yeah..., that is more than enough, I guess you can cry and whine all you want but if nobody listens it is ok (this comes from that thinking that if you are a somewhat recognizable person it is not always ok to cry and whine because you have already fixed your life in the sense most people haven't). Stop reading this, please it is not worth your time.

Also I don't know how to english so even if someone (english or spanish speaker) here is trying to read this, is not going to end well. We write this in english anyways because we are fucking international.

I don't want to bore you with too old of a story, so the thing is we stopped working on gatico almost for a year now (a year since we posted here for the last time, but really is more like two years). We had a plan, we thought it was going to work but it didn't, we have been doing other stuff to get money, we have been doing Uber and Airbnb (those two for the last year more or less), prior to that (the year before this one) Erika worked on a shop while I guess I did nothing. The thing is we thought we would have time to do both, money and gatico. I guess we are not as good (competent or whatever) as those people who have a job (maybe two or three), go to the university (or some sort of educational institution whatever) and have children. We have four cats though, so... yeah

These are the cats; Serena, Halloween, Ojitos and Pelusa.

We decided not to make money out of gatico because we tried to do it and it didn't end well, we have talked about this I recall, we didn't want gatico to become a pets or clothing brand, we now realize the pets accessories or human clothes weren't the problem, the problem was our brains.

Just a side note, to us at least Airbnb is not as easy as it may seem, I guess if you live a perfect apartment with perfect floor and windows and doors, bathroom and kitchen, it is easy, but we don't so it's not. whatever

I digress, the point was this (gatico) is what we want to do for the rest of our lives, we have many plans, we have bought equipment and materials to work on, we have an album (a music album) to finish, we have a podcast (it was a surprise though, for nobody I know) to do, we have a real life robocat to make (another surprised revealed) and yeah lots of stuff. I don't know if we will ever be able to do what we want but are going to try, this is like a new beginning, we don't really know how to do it but we don't care anymore (we are trying still to believe that and internalize it ourselves) we are just going to work (work as in doing gatico) and share, and try to sell you stuff (let's explain this sell thing on the next paragraph).

I guess it may seem that we are in the same place as always, but we are not (we probably are). We will start working on the things we should have started a long ago. One way of viewing it (I guess to become a part of the society) is making "real stuff" to sell, I guess everything, but it's hard to sell images, I guess you can sell physical (like real) stuff, songs are physical (you can listen -stream- or buy the music if it is to bad to listen), videos, paintings (like prints on frames) or real drawings on real paper, plushies, author dolls (that is like a new thing we have discovered and think it's part of what we do, there is something will show in a couple of days related to this), accessories and whatever we came up to. The idea is to do the things we enjoy the most and at some point people (you) [or no one] will buy us the proposition we make. It is not something new I know (duh!), but it is hard anyways, it is the model of Patreon, you do things and people support you just so you can continue making those things and being yourself. It's damn hard to start though.

We will try to make a living out of what we love, now if it works, well that is a different consideration for another time, but we will surely try to enjoy ourselves.

That's pretty much it for now. Thank you for reading.

Last edit: To recap, we want to gatico (yeah) full time. For it, we will ask for 1 USD a month (we will aim at 300 patrons on Patreon, we don't even have that many followers on instagram ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and then make 300 USD a month (there's no real reason of why that amount). This will get us some of the stuff (we probably will do some other things) we need for us and our cats and then use our time doing gatico. Great summary 👌.


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