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Watercolour (not really) fox & unicorn

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

We discovered (Autodesk) Sketchbook, very recently (kind of), and this is what we made. We know Photoshop is (I guess) better, but the fact the Sketchbook is more oriented only to art (I assume) makes things easier for us (the tools and all that). We use Photoshop for editing though.

We drew a fox and a unicorn because they are cute, btw.. have you seen that video where they talk about how some russian scientist and his team tried to (started to) domesticate foxes (like for real), it is pretty cute. We haven't seen any video about unicorns though.

These are various layers for the unicorn

And no some scans

At some point in our lives, we were planning to make a second collection of clothes - See the first here (if we had already made a post about it - we have not), you can subscribe to our newsletter and get notified of stuff. This unicorn was one of the designs. You can see the sketches above have kind of plain colours, they were meant to be felt. We were also planning to make a martian design, a breakfast one, one with ghosts and a sheep one. They were pretty rad, in our minds at least.

Below is just another cute unicorn.

Wallpapers (click to download) [or go to the downloads page]