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Ableton Live Dark Serum Skin

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Here is the second Ableton Live themed Serum skin (I have no idea if I worded that correctly).. anyways this is using the dark colors from Ableton Live. I still haven't made the wheels so there is that.. but I changed a couple of details from the Mid Dark that were bothering me (will apply those changes to the mid dark skin eventually too).

Something I forgot to write on the Mid Dark Skin description, was that there are a couple of elements that you have to know serum to know they are there.. I'm talking about the 'select/turn on-off effects' (not the button to the right but the thing to the left) I just wanted to make it like the fx library on Live with the arrow thing and device icon.. anyways this isn't clear at all but ok..

if you have any questions or feedback I'm on reddit and instagram or leave a message somewhere here

You will get a ZIP (3MB) file