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Ableton Live Mid Dark Serum Skin

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**made small changes.. I put the 'selected thing in blue' from Ableton Live to the tabs where you select 'effects, matrix, global', also made the 'shapes' for the EQ effect (were previously the default ones) and changed the color of the bars on the table editor.

*I fixed the 1x folder.. the naming wasn't right so it was displaying the default skin

hello! I wanted to make a Live inspired Serum skin so that's this I guess. I use the Mid Dark theme but maybe I try the other ones in the future. Also I just didn't come up with anything about the pitch and mod wheels, so that's an update I guess

if you have any ideas or feedback, let me know

this is me on reddit, instagram and here somewhere there should be a place to leave a message

anyways thank you so much for being here<3

You will get a ZIP (3MB) file